High Air Flow Water Trap

High Air Flow Water Trap


The High Air Flow Water Trap in new to the market and is unique to Stewart Bagpipe Supplies.  It is more efficient and hygienic compared to other water traps currently available.  


This highly efficient water trap allows an increased flow of air to pass into the pipe bag.  It contains a larger holding reservoir and therefore provides a longer playing time before emptying is required.

Being manufactured from Derlin and stainless steel it is made to last.  This water trap is also more hygienic.  It is strong enough to allow boiling water to be poured through for cleaning.  The tubing on either side of the trap can also be easily replaced. 

To install, simply cut a small section off your existing tube and insert.   Full instructions are provided with the product.

  • Compatibility

    Can be used with split stocks or zipper bags.

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